Topic: need help

hey, i'm running out of time recently to program for my website... i just got a new job and it's consuming all the time that i got to program.
A friend suggested me a site which he told me they do joomla programming, which is exactly what i need. But i have never used the kind of services this company offers, so i don't know what to do.
Can any of you help me?


Re: need help

Well, I completely understand where your coming from. Until recently, I haven't had any time to work on my site either. Thankfully, rails cuts down development time, but still it can be time consuming in its own right...

Now, all Joomla is, is a CMS (Content Management System), along the same lines as PHPNuke, Drupal, etc... A CMS by itself won't provide you a functional site.

Now, that site you linked is for an web development and design outsourcing firm, but from taking a peek at their site, they don't know Rails at all. So, if your site is already in Rails, that company at least won't be the place to turn to.

If you need some help getting your site finished, I'd be willing to help you out and work on it. Just let me know.