Topic: My Web Based Development Tool


I recently re-released my app called Embedit.

It's a web based development tool (hence me posting it here, as some of you may find it useful).

It has three parts

- Video uploading/transcoding. You upload a video to the service. Embedit will then transcode the video for you and stick it inside a flash player.

You have the options of using a webhook, which will send a post request to whatever url you specify as soon as the video finished transcoding.

- Url embedding (you query the api with an url of a supported service (around 30) and the api will spit back information such as embed code, title, format, url and fbml.

- Image uploading. Simply upload an image to the api (you can send size attributes to change the size) and the api will give back the same information it gives for the urls.

I've created a Ruby wrapper for it over at github

Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you need any help