Topic: Develop / Deploy and maintain rails apps

Can you recomend a tutorial/write ups on how to Design Rails applications for scalability, configurability, performability and also guidelines to deploy rails application.

In simple words, if I were to design a site like amazon using rails, what needs to be in place.

At this point, I dont even know if there is connection pooling, managing concurrent users, or even questions like "how can I manage sessions in a multi instance Rails deployment scenario, how can the session be shared for one application instance to another instance", I am sure all my questions are already answered, I just need the link !


Re: Develop / Deploy and maintain rails apps

I highly recommend the book 'Agile Web Development With Rails'.  It covers most of those questions, and is very much worth the purchase.  One thing I dislike about rails is that only one controller is executed at a time.  It does not have the highest scalability of all the web development frameworks.  However, you can do things like setup mongrel clusters, or cluster through Apache to get higher throughputs.  You can back sessions in a database.  Although I knock its scalability, that doesn't mean it's the end of the world.  It has many other fantastic features that more than make up for it.  I would rather cut my development time by 75% and pay an extra $50 per month for hosting to make up for the somewhat slower performance. - Brewery and Brewpub management powered by RoR