Topic: I want to convince my bosses that Ruby > PHP

.... boy, that title begs for flame bait, but I am getting desperate.

I am monstrously confused by my (potential) employers adherence that the ecommerce infrastructure MUST be powered by PHP and an "out of the box" solution . . . while maintaining to me . . . their potential developer . . . that having a robust architecture and API are vital.

Their reasoning? "All ecommerce solutions are written in PHP" (keep in mind, these guys are business majors . . . not techies)

Now, I am not going to lie, I am terribly biased. I spent about 5 minutes in PHP before giving up the ghost and moving to greener pastures  ... I fell in love with Ruby and her friend Rails and have spent the past 18 months in development bliss. Ruby is expressive and Rails "just makes sense" to me . . . problem is . . . I don't have the experience in both worlds to make a substantive argument on why I want to develop our platform in Ruby and Rails. What I have been attempting to do, instead, is pick up PHP (for syntax, I haven't tackled any of the frameworks yet) . . . but I want to know:

Are there any resources out there I could read up on for business arguments on Ruby vs PHP? How can I tell these guys "These are the reasons you want it in Ruby and Rails . . . these are the advantages over PHP and it's frameworks".

I don't mean to begin a debate or anything . . . but am more looking for resources and articles if they exist. google brought up a few things, but most of them were pretty old (2006). Anyone have any ideas?

Re: I want to convince my bosses that Ruby > PHP

Well there exist several schools of thought, you as a RoR enthusiast are going to see the advantages of RoR, while a PHP guy sees the advantages of PHP ( found this very nice article of a guy moving back to PHP from RoR ).

Especially if you are dealing with business guys, keep in mind that YOU as the developer are the most competent for making the decision about language/framework/platform. Dont shrink from the bigheadedness of many MBAs, just keep on mind, or even tell them, that if they'd really knew better, they could implement it themselves.

So if its you who should implement the project, and you are familiar with RoR, then the project will be better, faster and sooner ready if you use RoR. If they really insist on PHP, well then it might not be the right project for you if you'd have to fear that your PHP version of the project would not be as good as it could be.

As a small test, why not showing those guys these two snippets:

5.times do
print "Hit me baby one more time\n"

for( $i = 0; $i < 5; $i++ ) {
puts "Hit be baby one more time\n";

and letting them decide which language they'd prefer comparing those snippets [:

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Re: I want to convince my bosses that Ruby > PHP

Well, they have a point. I think Rails is better for projects where you are responsible for deploying and maintaining the application. If your company is offering ecommerce software that clients must deploy and maintain, then PHP is a better solution, because it's easier to deploy, there's an abundance of hosts that support it, and the base of PHP developers who can maintain and extend it is much much larger.

Re: I want to convince my bosses that Ruby > PHP

Yeah the cdbaby guys up each time. Honestly I don't believe he was able to write his website in only 2 months with php or whatever framework.

Re: I want to convince my bosses that Ruby > PHP

yeah it really does seem hard to belive. Also the part of having it done completely in vim strikes me as a bit off, as I'd consider someone who is able to handle a large-scale project on vim alone and implementing it in only two months very able to at least do the same in rails as I am sure that there is a positive correlation between vim skills and programming skills since.

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