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This should be very basic for someone here. I am new to Ruby on Rails programming.
I'm trying to make a submission button so that people can enter information and then that information would be sent to my email address at

Can anyone provide me with the code to do that? You can find the page at

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First of all, you should read this: … /Base.html

Basically, you will need to create a mailer:
$ script/generate mailer Notifier

Put something like this into app/models/notifier.rb:

class Notifier < ActionMailer::Base
  def notification(recipient, name, email, rant)
    recipients recipient[0].email
    subject    "New submission"
    body       :name => name, :email => email, :rant => rant

You will need to add a page like this under app/views/notifier/notification.erb:
Name: <%= @name %>
Email: <%= @email %>
Rant: <%= @rant %>

In the controller that the form was for, add this something like this to the action your form calls:
#variables are created here
Notifier.deliver_notification(@you, @name, @email, @rant)

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Re: Simple submission issue

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