Topic: Integrating ruby/rails with WAMP?

Has anyone successfully integrated ruby/rails with WAMP Server? I already have it installed and in use for testing php/mysql development, so I was wondering if there was an easy way to integrate ruby and ruby on rails into it. The version I'm using is running Apache/2.0.58

I could always set up RoR seperate via Vin's tutorial, but I'd like to tie it in with what I already have if I could.

Re: Integrating ruby/rails with WAMP?

If I were you I'd use mod_proxy and Mongrel to link Rails and Apache. An example tutorial can be found here: … figuration

Though just WEBrick/mongrel is fine for development. I wouldn't bother configuring RoR and Apache together unless you're trying to emulate a real production environment or test some kind of link between Rails and Apache. For development only Apache can complicate things if you don't really need it around.

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Re: Integrating ruby/rails with WAMP?

Ahh, I see. Thank you, sir. smile I will look into all of that when I get home tonight. I don't really see a need to test anything apache-specific so yah, I might be better off just keeping things seperate.

Re: Integrating ruby/rails with WAMP?

For anyone else who's carzy and wants to do this, I eventually did find a way (though still haven't actually done it).