Topic: Clickable image options in RoR ?.


I am wanting to have a webpage with an image of school plan containing clickable areas for a book shop (goes to a e-shop), notice board (goes to an announcement page), a group of kids chatting (goes to forums).

Imagemap is ok.
Flash looks good but it is something I would have to learn from scratch.

What is the best way to do this with the site I am building in RoR.

Many thanks

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Re: Clickable image options in RoR ?.

That's a pure html problem (or flash), not Ror's.

Re: Clickable image options in RoR ?.

err, I was not reporting a problem.

I was asking if there is anything in RoR which compliments or removes the need to use imagemap or Flash to produce a clickable image.

ie. This is what I want to do on my Rails site..... can people with more experience give a direction as to the best tool / language for the desired results.

Thanks for looking.