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If we designed Rails application, and if it is deployed on LIVE site, there are changes that the site may not look good on MOBILE.

Do we need to consider something to appear the site properly on Mobile as well ?
How we can do this ? Any Idea ?


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That's 1 more platform to handle just like the pain to maintain IE6 compatibility, you'll have to deal with it.

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If you're still looking for an answer, this post may help: … ll-screens



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This is Joshua..
I  am very new to Ruby, basically I just want to know what Rail is all about..
and in what way they are connected,

Thanx for advance

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Re: website on Mobile ?

A mobile website is mobile-specific site that has different web design and development. This site is specially meant for viewing on small screen.

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Re: website on Mobile ?

Thank you friends for this Effective suggestion,I think so David is Right.

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Today it is better to make a special app for you company services.
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