Topic: Emacs, Rails, Trampoline, WindowMaker

I'm really coming to grips with Emacs, having been using it for the past few months for some Rails work.  I'm so taken with it, that I'm putting together a series of HOWTOs on Emacs (with a focus on Rails). 

There's not a lot there yet but I'll be adding to it over the coming weeks.  One highlight is debugging Rails inside Emacs, which I found so shiny I thought I'd share with you guys in advance. 

Check out this video, remembering to click the HD button so you can actually see what's going on :-)

In case anyone is interested: this is WindowMaker running on Ubuntu Linux 8.10, which I've found to be amazingly fast and powerful with just a few tweaks.

(This was inspired in no small way by a talk by Dr. Nic at Trampoline in Melbourne; if any of you guys are in Melbourne I strongly advise going to the next one - rumour has it it'll be in six months time or so.  I'll be giving a presentation on Emacs :-) )