Topic: @ flash[:notice] ??


What is this state ment for?

I know that flash is for errors and error reporting. The exact meaning is Its a container into which you can store stuff as you process a request..

How did :notice come into it. where can i find the notes/documentation on flash.

Please help me in this reagard.

Thanks in advance,

Re: @ flash[:notice] ??

Flash is part of the ActionController module of Rails.  You can find the documentation at … Flash.html

Flash is special hash that's sort of like a session-lite.  You can put whatever you like in it and it will be available to the very next action called.  It differs from the session in that the lifecycle of an object stored in the flash is the next action.  After that it's gone. 

There is nothing special about flash[:notice].  :notice is just a key value used by convention to pass around errors and alert messages.