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Does ruby can be used to code desktop applications like c++ ?


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yes. I'm not sure how to go about it on the windows and linux platforms,  but for mac os you can download ruby cocoa and you can use all xcodes interface builders.


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Yes it can. You basically write your logic in Ruby and connect to some framework to draw the user interface. That framework usually varies depending on the platform you're targeting.

Ruby's also pretty slow compared to languages like C++, which you'll probably feel if you're trying to write a big app or you're on slow hardware.

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What the others said. However, the lack of good visual design tools coupled with Ruby's sluggish performance would make it a poor choice for many of the types of applications you might write with C++ (or C\, VB, Delphi etc.) - this may change as JRuby, The Garden Points Ruby CLR compiler and other projects address some of these issues, however.