Topic: Beta Testing

Hi guys,

At the moment I don't have a commercial web host, but I would like to performa a closed beta test of my application, do any of you know how to achieve this?

My environment would be: localhost, Windows xp service pack 2, (Apache or mongrel) web server, ADSL connection.

I've googled for this and the articles I've discovered all talk about VPN or peer to peer connections and accessing files/printers - none of them talk about web hosting.

Any help is appreciated,



Re: Beta Testing

I too am approaching a beta test cycle. I plan to do it publicly on public webspace. I will just introduce a temporary login filter that will only let people involved in the beta test to login.

I thought about running it on my own machine, but I'd rather be 100% confident the site works as expected in the actual production environment.

I'm also preparing by making it easy for the testers to send me feedback, and to make sure all errors are trapped and logged.