Topic: Freezing other gems for deployment

I am trying to deploy an application I built onto a shared host. Of course they don't allow me to install my own custom gems so I need to freeze them into the vendor directory. In this particular instance I am trying to freeze the calendar_grid gem. I did a:

gem unpack calendar_grid

and it seemed to extract it just fine. I tested on my localhost and it seemed to be fine with what I just did as well (uninstalled the gem from my system to be sure).

I tried putting this on the host and I got:

no such file to load -- calendar_grid

sad So... anyone know where I should start troubleshooting?


Re: Freezing other gems for deployment

Alright I guess I'll answer my own question. It seems that if you unpack a gem to the vendor directory, a "require" statement is no longer required in your application.rb. It will just automatically role the functionality into the application. My error was to have a require statement when it didn't need to be there.