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Hi, new to this forum and couldn't find an answer via the search facility (try searching for "forum" within a forum - not easy!)

We've built a RoR site and implemented Beast as the forum. It's great but the client wants more functionality - essentially they want a phpBB style app - is there another open source forum out there which has that kind of functionality in RoR? Or is it build it ourselves time?

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To get as much bloat as phpBB, you'll have to code a Rails forum yourself. Rails based forums don't have all the features their php friends have. Are they really necessary?

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The client thinks so unfortunately...

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There are some other forum projects you could check out, such as:

El Dorado: -

We checked out these, Beast, and had a false-start attempt at creating our own software for Rails Forum.  For various reasons, we've chosen to stuck with PHP-based solutions for now.

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Thanks, I'll check 'em out.