Topic: Better Communication Between Apps

I have two apps running on different subdomains. I would like to know the best way to have them talk to each other. More precisely though, I just want to have in the sidebar of each app and list of recent posts in the other app. Each app has an xml feed with recent updates, but I am curious about the best way of parsing those xml files and building it in the other app. I am currently using feedTools with MySQL and it works fine, but it slows down the app once an hour as it has to recache the feed. Is there another way to do this that might not have the same lag? maybe by js?

I have also experimented with Feedburner's buzz boost service ( and it is zippy, but I am concerned about forking over a pretty major bit of my site's functioning to a third party (though i haven't noticed any feedburner outages to this point). I also can't imagine that search engines will have much success browsing the site.

Any thoughts will help enormously. Thanks.

Re: Better Communication Between Apps

I'm not quite up to speed on this, but wouldn't REST allow you to POST changes almost in real time from one app to the other without your having to take a big hit each hour? Or, if you don't want to live on quite so bleeding an edge, how about SOAP.

You could just pass an AR object if you were so inclined.