Topic: Running Rails Offline

Hi All,

I know this has been raised before, but either there was no really satisfactory answer or it was rather out-of-date, so I thought I would pose the question to y'all to get some thoughts.

I am writing an application for an client who wants to use it offline on a disconnected laptop and have it update when it's connected. I have looked at several different ways to do this:

- Just install Ruby/Gems/Rails/SQLite on his laptop and run it with WEBrick and then setup a different task to sync the db - this is ok for him, but there could be more and more installs in the future if it takes off, so I don't fancy doing that on every Windows PC, thanks very much!

- Joyent Slingshot (essential a little contained RoR environment that runs the App) - this would have been perfect, if A: it wasn't very out-of-date docs wise (2006) and B: i could get it to work.

- Google Gears / Gears on Rails - similar issue to above in that the docs are sparse and my app is pretty tech... a bad combination. Plus, I need to do be able to do ALL the junk a normal app does and I don't actually know if anything more than simple data lookups can be done with Google Gears...

So really, I would love to hear if any of you peeps have any better ideas, cos I am stumped! Any help is much appreciated!

Re: Running Rails Offline

Look at Instant Rails.  It looks like it will do what you want as far as installing and running.  I package an application pre-installed into the IR system with the database pre-created and ready to run.  Installing IR with the app and initial database can be as simple as an unzip into c:/.

The syncing of the databases is an exercise in database administration that is outside of my ken.

Good luck