Topic: Bluecloth documentation?


I'm just wondering if there is any Bluecloth documentation or alternatively any guides specific to RoR, or if my best resource for Bluecloth is the Python implementation (Trac, I believe?) and just assume the markup is the same, but just done in Ruby.



Re: Bluecloth documentation?

I don't think there's all that much to it. Just install the gem:

sudo gem install bluecloth

Require the gem in the config/environment.rb file:

require 'bluecloth'

Then you can convert any Markdown formatted string to HTML like this:"any *markdown* string").to_html
#=> "<p>any <em>markdown</em> string</p>"

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Re: Bluecloth documentation?

most gems come with their own documentation:

Just run 'gem_server' and direct your Web browser to http://localhost:8808.

If you need to run it on a different port, you can set the port with the