Topic: Improve the RoR documentation!

court3nay over at ca.boose has set up a project to improve the Rails documentation.  They're collecting money to pay some tech writers to get cracking on it, and currently soliciting donations.  The fund hit $1000 in the first hour and is currently over $15,000!

I just kicked in $100 on behalf of Rails Forum, but anyone who wants to donate, that'd be awesome.  Go forth, and contribute!

Link: … on-project

(You can also Digg it: … on_Project )

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Re: Improve the RoR documentation!

It's so great that they have raised so much! I do wonder how they plan on improving the documentation. Just modifying the current rdoc, or will it be completely different? Will it include tutorials and screencasts or just be a reference? Either way I'm sure it's gonna be great. smile

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Re: Improve the RoR documentation!

Yes, it will be interesting.  But it will be totally worth every penny.