Topic: Is RoR appropriated for me?

Hi everybody, this is my first post on RailsForum.

I recently learned Ruby and heard about Rails.

I need to design a quite small website used to rent several "chalets" for ski/mountain holydays.

My needs are :
- front office :
> photo gallery for each chalet
> access map
> contact form
> reservation prices and periods (with mysql backend)
> all these stuff in french and english
- back office :
> database updates
> "renting contract" generation/sending

There is already a website I made years ago, but it's ugly beginner's PHP code from scratch, and it currently presents only 1 chalet (see

So, my question is :
Is RoR a good choice to achieve this stuff?

Thanks by advance.

Re: Is RoR appropriated for me?

Because you want to handle reservations directly from the website, yes.  Rails is a good choice.  You'll find that Rails takes all the ugly parts of dealing with a database back-end off your hands.

Rails does have a steep learning curve (although knowing Ruby already will definitely help, especially if you are an advanced Ruby programmer), but once you get past that, Rails is a beautiful thing.

Re: Is RoR appropriated for me?

Thank you cloister for the answer.

Best regards.

Re: Is RoR appropriated for me?

You can only win if you start using Rails. Even if you dont make the perfect project you can improve your skills by simply using rails in every other programming language!

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