Topic: questions about validations

I am working on creating a new rails app for survey taking. This is an app for work and there are a set of questions that we normally ask every survey taker.

I am planning on storing all of these in their own table. Generally these questions fall into one of four groups and they are presented as a group on a page (i.e. this group of four on one page, this group of 8 on another page, etc).

Generally I will also need to validate these. If I set up validations for these in the Model, will Active Record require that they all be present (or whatever other rules are applied) with each submission?
In other words if I have rules for all 12 questions, but only submit 4 on this page, will AR throw an error that the other 8 questions aren't present when it validates?

I am trying to avoid javascript in this instance if possible. If AR isn't feasible is there another way?


Re: questions about validations

Validating a multipage form is tricky. See this thread and the other one I link to there for some information on the subject.

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