Topic: RadRails Debugger Question..

I'm new a RadRails and Ruby, so here goes.....  I am usings Aptana's RadRails IDE.  I am trying to get the IDE to allow me to do a couple of things, namely:
1. get the debugger to give me a window where I can entry ruby interactve commands during a debug session.  For example, I want to ".inspect" one of my objects to see what methods it supports.
2. show me the full list of methods of an object (I am new at Ruby, so there may be a better way)
3. help me with method syntax

If you can answer even just the first question, I would be very grateful! old IMS DB/DC developer

Re: RadRails Debugger Question..

Ditch it and move to netbeans :-)
I could never get the RadRails debugger to work reliably as it used to trash Windows.

Sounds harsh and RadRails is a superb tool (I only ditched it a month ago because it was causing system lock ups) but after playing around with netbeans for the last 4/5 weeks I found it much more responsive, never crashes and I have been totally blown away by the whole experience.
I honestly thought that RadRails was cool (and it is) but netbeans is in a totally different league.
The debugger is awesome compared to RadRails and allows you to easily step through the code but I have found that I need to do this far less as the context sensitive help in the code editor is just so totally brilliant that I just don't make the same stupid mistakes any more.

Seriously you have to try it to understand the difference.
I still haven't uninstalled RadRails but I miss nothing and have only used it once since I set up netbeans.

Sorry that doesn't really answer your question but I hope it is enough for you to at least find a better and easier alternative.

Debugging at the click of a button rocks. Not needing to debug as often ROCKS even more :-)

What you want and what you need are too often not the same thing!
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