Topic: IE won't display Rails pages at all

Hi -- I've a fully functioning Rails app that's been deployed at working smoothly for a few months now.

The latest version on my development machine (as well as a short-lived production deployment before I rolled back) suddenly doesn't display on IE (versions 6, 7 or 8) AT ALL. It shows up with a blank screen or says, "The webpage cannot be displayed."

I've tried removing recent changes from it, do the point of deleting everything from the application template and simply putting in "Test". As expected, in Firefox every page simply reads "Test", but in IE it STILL comes up with a blank page.

As another test, I took the entire HTML source of a page out of Firefox and pasted it into a static file. IE reads this just fine! Here's the link...

The page also almost validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.... just a & that should be &
Here's a link for that... …

Does anyone have an idea what might be happening here?? I'm at a loss, esp. since it doesn't work on either development or production servers, and I haven't changed any configuration options that I'm aware of.


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Re: IE won't display Rails pages at all

Not sure if this helps, but I've had problems where I use my MacBook Pro as a development environment, then try to access the rails server from Internet Explorer running in VMWare and unless I add the http:// before the IP, IE craps out. will say "page cannot be displayed" but works fine.

Hope it helps.


Re: IE won't display Rails pages at all

hi Chris --
Unfortunately not. I do my development in Windows, and I've tried it on another computer as well... it doesn't work at all.

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Re: IE won't display Rails pages at all

Just a wild guess, but make sure you aren't putting a header anywhere that makes the MIME type of the page application/xhtml+xml. It doesn't work in any version of IE. But it also produces a different error, not "Cannot be displayed"...

Another wild guess: IE cache?