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I'm considering purchasing a MacBook Pro, and I might spend some time developing with it.  I'll primarily be using my XP machine however.  Right now, I have an app in C:/ruby/app/applicationX/.  Would it be conceivable to have the applicationX folder on a flash drive, easily transferable to the mac? Is the directory structure the same across platforms? 

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Re: Cross-platform development?

the directory structure is the same, I've run into problems in the past with hidden files. I don't know if its due to the mac or textmate, but when I've used XP I've had lots of hidden files show up. I solved it by using git, Ryan has a few tutorials on it.

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Re: Cross-platform development?

Hmm, so the whole project would be "hosted" online and I could use git to use/save/update the whole app?

Re: Cross-platform development?

Yeah. You could just do it every so often to either back up your project, or when you transfer. In php projects, i often test locally, and then port it to the server once in a while to keep it stored there, and test it.