Topic: RJS and Safari 1.3.2

While doing some RJS work today, I discovered that Safari 1.3.2 (latest Safari for Mac OS 10.3.x) appears to fail miserably with rjs templates -- the action is executed on the server side, but Safari doesn't seem to pick up the delivered content.

I've checked with a few other people and they report the same problem, I haven't been able to find anything with google.  However some other people have reported that it works for them, one hypothesis is that the people its working for have downloaded/built a custom WebKit.  I'm hoping to try that out later, but if anyone else has run into this, or knows of a good site (or seach words) I'd love to hear about it

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Re: RJS and Safari 1.3.2

Have you seen this thread? It doesn't specify the version of Safari, but it might be the same problem.

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