Topic: If You Need to Batch Resize image

Sometimes when you need to resize your favorite photos or images for photo album, making wallpaper or for printing, all these images or photos are required to be resized to the same size. However, it's hard to imagine how time-consuming and troublesome it would be if you have to resize a bunch of photos one by one. Well, in such kind of situation, you may begin to consider whether there exists an image resizing tool, which can batch resize images into the same size.

Have you already got one? If not, don't worry, this image resizer will show you how easy and convenient it is to batch resize images. Only a few steps are needed, all the pictures will become what you desired.

Step 1: You just need to drag those images you need to resize from the specified folder

Step 2: Highlight all the Images, and then Click Batch Save.
a) You can then use the fixed size, such as 320*240, 630*480.

b) For your specific needs, you can also type the width and height according to your demand. After resizing, click 'Choose', all the images will be saved as exactly the size you set.

Then you will be informed of the status of all the resized images, you can get the information of how many images are processed, how much space is saved.

Click "OK", you can now go to check whether all images are resized correctly, this batch resize images tool works really fine in Mac (including Snow Leopard).

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Thanks for the solution with image. That really helpful for everyone. It really works. I tried it.

Re: If You Need to Batch Resize image

By this I can do this myself. Thanks for this post.