Topic: css comment box and reply help

Hi Guys,
Can i get a little help on this.

So my background is white.... i want, when post a comment the background let say dark green and then when a person reply to the comment the background of that comment should be like a lighter green.

something like this...i guess

- div dark green -

main comment
   Mike Smith - said "wow its dark green"

reply comment
-div lighter green -
   John Brown - reply said " its lighter green now"

-div -


Re: css comment box and reply help


The way to do this would be to dynamically assign different CSS classes to "primary" comments and those comments that are a response.  For example:

<div class="response_<%= @comment.is_response? %>" id="<%= %>">

This would produce code such as:

<div class="response_true">

I presume you are using Rails - how are you relating the comments to identify those that are responses?