Topic: Host advice - rails and php and idiot friendly!

I'm not at the stage where I need to look for a host for the rails app I'm developing (mainly because it needs to be organised by the end of March).  I need something that I can move our three existing PHP sites over to because I've been asked to consolidate everything onto one server.

The PHP sites are currently hosted at where I've had to put them on a managed server because we were hitting the database too much - so something that's good regarding databases is important.

We need something that can have multiple domain names pointing at different sites (the php ones and the ruby one).  (The domains are managed by another agent so being able to handle that sort of thing isn't important).

I've been looking at VPS but I'm nervous about this idea.  I want something where most things will be set up as default.  While I have plenty of Linux/Ubuntu experience I have no real admin experience and would consider myself an intelligent user of Linux but nothing more (I can install things, I can solve dependency issues, but I've never set up a server for anything other than localhost access and I have a Smoothwall firewall so have little experience of things like that).  So I need something where PHP/Ruby/MySQL (preferably v. 5) are installed and set up by default.  I don't want to worry about things like securing the server or firewalls or anything like this - which is why I currently have a managed server.  I really like the idea of but I'm nervous that I might need more admin experience than I have.

Dreamhost is out of the question - while I'm happy to use them for my personal site I wouldn't want to rely on them for a business site.  Plus I really think we need more than shared hosting.

Suggestions, recommendations, ideas?  Would rimuhosting be suitable or would I be in over my head?

(A UK-based host would be fantastic if anyone knows of any)

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Re: Host advice - rails and php and idiot friendly!

I have heard good comments about Rimuhosting and they do have servers in the UK. Which are a bit more expensive then their servers in the US. And it is a VPS. I suggest you also take a look at where you can compare many Rails hosting companies. It could you some more ideas.

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Re: Host advice - rails and php and idiot friendly!

I've been looking at rimuhosting and been in contact with them.  My director is worried about the laws which the server would be covered by so I'm not sure if outside the UK will be a real option.

I've also looked at Gradwell (  They are quite new to Ruby but their packages look quite good and they are UK based.  At the moment I'm weighing up the options between these two.

I have had a look at before but I shall take another look to see if there are any other good options there.