Topic: JRuby + Rails - Asking for trouble?

I have been trying to convince people where I work to look at Ruby on Rails.  They are very interested, but we already have some code written in Java.  There are two modules in particular that are java-based that our current project depends on.  I have been pushing for a SOAP/web-services interface to them (or even a command-line "java -jar" interface), but others are much more interested in native Java-Ruby interaction.

So, looking around, of course I stumbled upon JRuby.  In exchange for pursuing RoR for our project, they want me to look into running our Rails app on JRuby to allow for calling the java modules from Ruby.

The basic question: Is this going to work at all?  Do Rails apps work on JRuby?  I saw something here: … rails.html mentioning that RoR "basic requests" were working on JRuby almost a year ago.  Has anyone had any more successes since then?  What's the status?


If there is a post/website/blog entry/whatever that answers my questions, please don't hesitate to simply post a link.  I know it can get old fast to answer the same question hundreds of times...

Re: JRuby + Rails - Asking for trouble?

It's close but not quite there yet.  Here's the most recent update: … pdate.html