Topic: Passenger and Web Sharing

How can I share my passenger urls over web sharing. I'm working with someone on a webapp and I'd like them to be able to view it on their computer before it worked. They would put in my local ip ( and they could view the app. Is that possible now with passenger somehow? Thanks so much!!!

Re: Passenger and Web Sharing

You probably had to modify your /etc/hosts file to get the Passenger URL working locally. Edit the same file on their computer, but set it to your IP address instead of Is there any reason you can't demo your app with Mongrel, Thin, or WEBrick (script/server) ? That would probably be easier than keeping track of all of the hosts files

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Re: Passenger and Web Sharing

Yeah I concur. It is easiest if you don't have any other sites running on Apache at the time. So that way, Apache will know to serve port 80 to that site (rails app), and then just use SFTP connections to manage the files themselves in the app.