Topic: YaBB in a rails app?

my hosting service allows me to install YaBB to a folder in order to get a simple forum
i got my website's root pointing to rails_app/public/ and i thought that if i put the yabb folder into public, it would be fine but ofc i was wrong sad

rails tries to interpret it as ruby code (or something along these lines) when i just want it to check index.html (which redirects to and just pass along the rendered html it receives

in short: how can i implement perl code (yabb) into a rails app?

edit: i have implemented a simple blog using blogger into public/ and works fine (has no code though)

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Re: YaBB in a rails app?

Have you considered using a subdomain for this? Such as "". This way you can have a separate web root for that part of the site and there won't be any conflict with the Rails site.

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Re: YaBB in a rails app?

tried but the thing is that my host redirects ->
and when this is done, rails tries to find a controller

is there a way to use routes.rb and map.connect to make it work?

/me is actively trying to find a sollution...

Re: YaBB in a rails app?

lets see what happens if you take out the

  map.connect ':controller/:action/:id.:format'
  map.connect ':controller/:action/:id'

and hard-code the pages...

UPDATE: nope, no luck sad

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