Topic: David Allen's Getting Things Done

Well, i sort of hopped on this bandwagon like two days ago.
I grabbed a seminar of David's; It's an 8 cd collection. I have since then
written all the things down that I need to get done. The next step is to apply action to each one of them.
I also purchased a very cool red, pocket-sized planner (sporting an Apple sticker.) I'm really excited about this.
Anyone else using the GTD methods?

Re: David Allen's Getting Things Done

I don't really know anything about official GTD stuff, but for years I have kept a notebook of things that I need to get done for the day. I put stars next to stuff that absolutely must get done that day.

You might be interested in the Printable CEO by David Seah: … eo-series/

And the Rails implementation of one of his ideas:

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