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By now I am a little bit more advanced in Rails and I was asked to set up a shop using magento. As usual the deadline is closer than I'd like it to be. I now have 3 choices:

1. Use Magento, but do I quick and dirty - because I don't have the time (and dont want to)t work me in this php & xml stuff.
2. Use Magento, but delegate the job.
3. Use Spree, do a proper job, possibly with cucumber and rspec.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, especially if you have experience with spree.


Re: Spree vs Magento

Well, I'm sorry I don't have any experience with Spree, but I do have opinions!!!

Having drunk the RoR Kool-Aid, I would never go back to PHP, and I wouldn't delegate a project to someone who is going to use PHP. If you value the client, you should give them the best technology that is going to serve them for several years. The Rails code, with a comprehensive test suite, will save the client money in the long run. I strongly believe.



Re: Spree vs Magento

hmmm, haven't seen a full house version as of yet in R/R. However, I'm only a week old in RoR.

OSC, ZenCart, Magento ... haven't used magento yet.
Both Zen and OSc can get the job done. Magento I came across last year and seemed to be the one that will blow away both OSc and Zen.

However, since this is a cart. You will always need to consider the payment gateways and checkout system.

How much of a cart does your customer need?
What is the time frame / budget?

I don't want to bad mouth spree but it did seem a bit "add-on" deficient.

OSc is major program to learn ... probably could learn PHP quicker. It's a monster when it comes to customizing.  Zen too since it started off the same code base with a few major contributors who jumped ship.

I would love to see a RoR product come out to rival and surpass OSc!

my 930 goes weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-)

Re: Spree vs Magento

I advise you to use Magento as it is the best solution for your problem and to safe time.

Re: Spree vs Magento

I'm setting up a Spree site right now.
The customer needs it to use and it does. I was going to roll something myself but then found this and I think it will be easier to skin it and add what I need than reinvent it.

My .02


Re: Spree vs Magento

Speer is a lightweight and easy to use while the Magento is heavy than speer. Speer is written in Ruby on Rails while magneto is written in PHP. Magento has a  commercial and open-source licensing model.