Topic: fields_for filtering list further


I'm new to rails so hopefully there is a simple answer.
The code below hopefully describes what I am TRYING to do cos I' struggling to find the words.
Basically I want the check box to only show for TesterTask items that are linked to the currently logged in user - via the user_id attribute.

If I don't filter the list updates are applied correctly to the database. If I do as below it seems to provide me with a list of TesterTasks that are not linked to the database.

Any help... please...

<% form_for @test_detail do |test_detail| %>
<!-- other stuff here removed -->
<% test_detail.fields_for :tasks do |task_form| %>
  <%= task_form.text_field :description %>
   <% fields_for current_tester_task(task_form) do |tester_task|%>
    <%= tester_task.check_box :is_complete, {}, 1,0 %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

module ApplicationHelper
    def current_tester_task(task_form)
    return TesterTask.find_by_task_id_and_user_id(, session[:user_id])