Topic: The Elements of a Ruby on Rails master

By summer 2010, I want to be building production apps for clients. I'm not new to programming as I'm a third year Computer Science student who's done courses in C, C++, and Java.

I'm not new to using my skills to generate money either. I've done HTML/CSS/ and PHP work for clients in the past not to mention doing a crash course in Expression Engine to setup a dynamic site for a buyer.

Do you think my plan below is a feasible approach to being a great Ruby on Rails Developer. If not, why and please offer suggestions or maybe a few steps I missed.

1. Learn Ruby - so I understand what's happening under the hood and everything won't seem magical to me

2. Learn/Practice Rails - Agile Web Development with Rails 3rd Ed

3. Read up on scaling Rails

4. Learn/Practice 960 CSS Grid - A quick and reliable framework for producing the front-end of websites

5. Deploy apps on the web to boost my portfolio - to gain additional experience and prove my abilities to client

Re: The Elements of a Ruby on Rails master

I would also suggest attending/starting a Meetup in your area. Don't discount the value of group think.

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Re: The Elements of a Ruby on Rails master

I would suggest learning rails with "Headfirst Rails" rather than "Agile Web Development with Rails." Then, get "Advanced Rails Recipes" for when you start writing your first applications.

I found Agile to be boring as a learning tool and often frustrating now when I try to use it as a reference.

I found Headfirst to be fun and more interesting to learn on. Advanced Rails Recipes is just awesome for when you are writing a real app later down the road. I really like it now.