Topic: How can I build a table besides a table?

Hello everybody! Thanks for such great information source. I would like one table aligned to the left, in which I'm going to place my links for easy navigation, and another one besides that one, in which I plan to add some thumbnails. each thumbnail will be in it's own cell. I'm trying to do it using Frontpage but it doesn't let me put the second table besides the first one. I can't even write text or add pictures. Will it be that it can't be done? Please somebody help me as soon as possible.

Re: How can I build a table besides a table?

Your best bet would be using a CSS style for your table with

table {

If you don't clear the float then the second table will be to the right of the first.

You could also to this with tr and td tags too but then where is the fun in that... Don't get frustrated as CSS takes time to wrap your head around, but once you do you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

This might help.

Also you'll want to go beyond frontpage if you can. Since you're using FrontPage I assume you're on windows. This is a great program on linux. Not sure about the Windows version though...

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