Topic: problem with ym4r, help!

for some reason, my app is not working on my production server. here is the problem....

<%= GMap.header %>
<%= @map.to_html %>
#{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins/ym4r_gm/lib/gm_plugin/key.rb:27:in `get'
#{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins/ym4r_gm/lib/gm_plugin/map.rb:32:in `header'

its not recognizing GMap.header. anyone ever experince this?


Re: problem with ym4r, help!

i am having the exact same problem, works in webrick, dies in apache

Re: problem with ym4r, help!

I was also running into this, everything worked great in dev environment (mongrel), but died in production (apache + mongrel cluster). I thought it was my key at first, so I double checked that first.

After some playing around with it I changed:

[code=gmaps_api_key.yml]production: key key[/code]
Did the trick for me.