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Hi all let me give you the scenario first, i have been tasked by a friend to build an internal site for his staff and the use of the company cars, after scanning the internet i have come to the conclusion that i want to write this in ruby but my ruby knowledge is low, Im an HTML guy and i have little knowledge in C++ and even less in ruby.
  I want to build a system which can provide cars to its staff for business use when needed, Some cars can be allocated to specific staff members on a long-term basis and some need to be kept in a pool for ad hoc or on the day (just in case) use, of course the latter can only be used one day at a time and not booked out for long periods (and cannot be booked in advance, only on the day).
The 2 primary users of the application will be any staff member booking a car from the pool, and staff in the Transport Office who are responsible for maintaining all the data and for allocating the long-term cars. For this i would like to have two webpages, one which can allocate a car from a database of cars for one day at a time and another which will allow access to the database list to change the car details like new services dates and of course adding and deleting old and new vehicles, and an interface for issuing long term vehicles to staff.

The above is the minimum required and i would be so grateful for anybody's help, if possible i would also like to try and implement a system where i could flag a vehicle for the staff to see when it is for sale and no longer in use or needed.

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Look, I really don't want to disapppoint you, but it is unlikely that it works out for you this way.

A forum (amongst most this form as well) is good for asking specific questions.  You expect too much from us.  You throw in a coarse requirement specification; what should we do with it?

You can decide to take the leap and learn Rails or ask somebody else to delvier it (and most likely pay the person).

If you do want to get into Ruby-on-Rails I suggest you do the following:

- Try to build an entity-relatiponship model for your app; or simply its database.  Forget RoR, ruby, C++, HTML: just figure out what you want to start with.  If it's too much of a challenge at this point, skip it for now (but it should make you think twice if you do want to do it yourself).

- Read an introductory Rails tutorial, here is a godd starting point:

- Fight your way through it.

- Start your own code.

- Smile that a few things work out quite easy (especially if you compare it with coding a webapp in plain C++).

- Grumble that some things don't seem to fall in place -- more likely than not it's about your learning curve and not bugs :-).

- Then when you have some specific that you don't understand or cannot get sorted, post a specific question.

Sorry.  True: it's on rails -- but you have to be the engine...

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yeah i see your point thanks for the link to the ror guides website though, i will power through these and see what i can make of it, thanks for your time

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Just my opinion in support of boomerang.  I think the database and how you need to access it is the key in the design of the system.  This is especially true if you have good knowledge of the html part.  When you get the database figured out it should be reasonably managable to figure out how to pull it all together.  I found 'Agile Web Development with Rails' to be invaluable.