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I am new to programming and could really use some help with a problem I am having.  I am using Ruby 1.8.6 and textmate 1.5.8.
Everything was going along well until I got an update for textmate and now the previously working "gets" method no longer opens a window to accept user input.  It just returns nil.  Any ideas??


Re: help with gets

It seems rather unlikely that Textmate has a hand in this.  Textmate is a (very good) text editor but your code is executed by ruby and Textmate can only display the source (whatever your code is), the output (whatever your code "prints"), and whatever ruby (and the Rails framework) displays while processing your code.

Try to start up ruby from the command line

> irb --simple-prompt


>> a=gets

and see if it works or not.

Re: help with gets

Turns out it was textmate.  Their support staff emailed me back to let me know the Gets method had been temporarily disabled due to issues with Snow Leopard.  Drove me absolutely nuts!!!  Its working again after another update.  I can stop drinking now...


Re: help with gets

Using Ruby 1.8.6 on MAC 10.5.8.   Following the tutorial in "Ruby on Rails. Up and Running".  I first created a rails project.  After I type "script/server" in terminal, text appears telling me Mongrel boots, and rails is loaded, but then I can no longer get a response to anything else I type into terminal such as "script/generate".  The "Welcome aboard" server works.  I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but have been trying to figure this out all day.  ANy help would be greatly appreciated.