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Hey everyone,

I just knew about RoR about 2 months ago. I seriously want to learn it as it is very powerful in terms of building web apps and I think it will be so much easier to program with RoR other than PHP and MySQL.
So do I have to learn ruby before getting in rails or it’s not necessary?
Also are there any good resources to learn RoR from scratch?


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It is a good idea to learn a bit of ruby at least, to have a better understanding of the syntax. Also, the more ruby you know, the less work you will be doing. You'll be more familiar with a lot of the built in methods that the language has to offer. For rails it self, is a great place to get started. I also have been reading agile web development with rails. It's a pretty good book. You go through development of a simple book store. The chapters following the application development talk about a lot of the functionality that rails have to offer. ActiveRecord, ActiveSupport, ActiveMailer, etc.

Rails however isn't necessarily easy. It's actually tricky to get really good with it. However, it removes a lot of the tedious work, and repetition that you would find yourself doing in PHP.

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Re: Help Learning Ruby on Rails

Another source for learning Rails from scratch is, though it's still in development at the moment.

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