Topic: Screen Scraping with Mechanize

I'm must admit, that I'm just restarting my ruby/rails experience. Maybe, I start already with some too difficult stuff? I would to scrape some data from the german site with mechanize. However, I have got already to some problems before I come to the interesting data. This is my try:
require 'mechanize'
agent =
form = => "ambitsearch")
form['addressGroupCriteria.streetControl'] = 'Poststrasse'
form['addressGroupCriteria.cityControl'] = 'Hamburg'
form['addressGroupCriteria.houseNrControl'] = '10'

However, the response is not what I get in my web browser. Can anybody help and tell my what's wrong?
I have also another question: How can I submit german 'special characters like ö' or spaces like in 'Alter Weg'?
Thanks for your support!

Re: Screen Scraping with Mechanize

Have you seen this railscast?

Re: Screen Scraping with Mechanize

Yes, thanks. I have solved the problem in the meantime. I had to submit to the agent like

agent.submit (form, form.buttons.first)