Topic: not able to display acts_as_taggable_on tags on ruby on rails (and for


As the User, I am at a nested new vendors/5/reviews/new. In addition to :params that will get written to the Review model, I need to be able to include tags that belong to the Vendor model.

I have used acts_as_taggable_on (

class Vendor....
     acts_as_taggable_on :tags, :competitors

I use formtastic to submit the tags and field_for to make sure that I write to vendor even though the form is on a CREATE Review:

 semantic_form_for ....

 <% fields_for :vendor do |vendor| %>
        &lt;%= vendor.label :tags %&gt;<br />
        &lt;%= vendor.text_field :tag_list %&gt;
 &lt;% end %&gt;

I try to display the tags for the Vendor with the following:

Tags:  <%=h @vendor.tag_list %>

My outcome: NOTHING.

1) Am I correctly writing the tags? It looks like it is create the right SQL in the console

2) Am I doing the right approach to display the tag list using acts_as_taggable_on?