Topic: Plugin or unpacked gems ?


I have used many plugins for my projects, for some projects I have used gems instead of plugins (like will_paginate is available as a gem and plugin as well).

We can include gem as,

config.gem "gem-name"

In some blogs I have seen that, they have unpacked the required gems in /vendor folder.

What is the difference if we use plugin instead of using the unpacked gem in /vendor folder ?
is it related to performace of the application ?

If we are going to unpacked the required gems in /vendor folder, then why not to prefer including plugins ?
Which is best : including plugins or unpacked gems ?

Any idea ?


Re: Plugin or unpacked gems ?

There are a few reasons for that,

1) You don't have access on your remote host to install gems, so you put them in the /vendor/gems folder so you can still use them.
2) You want to apply a patch or make some changes to a gem so that it works for you.

Re: Plugin or unpacked gems ?

Hi Dehlak,

Thanks for your reply.

As you said that we can access those gems from '/vendor/gems' on remote host, so what is the harm in using the Plugins instead of gems (/vendor/gems) ? Isn't it the same thing : To unpack gems at /vendor/gems OR use plugin at /vendor/plugins ?