Topic: Subversion in RadRails: could not create ra_local session

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I created a local Subversion repository with the "svnadmin create /svn/ruby" command. I created a repository layout for a project mlm and I added all the files from a generated Rails application called mlm with the svn command in the console. The svn command version is 1.3.2

I downloaded the latest version of RadRails and created a new project called "mlm [trunk]". Because of the already present ".svn" directories, each file in the project is recognized as a subversion version controlled file.

But when I want to make a commit, it fails with the error "unable to open an ra_local session to URL". I verified my repository with the svnadmin command. I'm using JavaSVN (Pure Java) in RadRails as svn client. The "format" file is present in my local repository at "/svn/ruby/format" and "/svn/ruby/db/format" but has different content. The file system of the repository is fsfs.

I googled a bit on above error but it didn't solve the problem. I saw a couple of times while trying to solve the problem,  that the JavaSVN client preceeded the file:/... URL with my home directory. Also the file URL in the console has only one "/" instead of "///" like file:///svn/ruby/mlm/trunk/... Is there any working path for subversion that I have to set in RadRails? Al lthe subversion info comes from the ".svn" directory and entries file name.

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Re: Subversion in RadRails: could not create ra_local session

I manually downloaded the update site of subclipse 1.0.5 and installed the JARs in the feature and plugins directory. I removed the old subclipse 1.0.3 directories in the feature and plugins directory. After this manual intervention, subclipse worked like a charm! :-)