Topic: paginating carousel, that loops through groups and projects

The setup is that I have Groups and projects.  The groups has_many :projects and vise versa with belongs_to.

I want to setup a carousel that loops through the groups and displays each project in a group but then moves onto the next group.  I also need it to paginate inside the group. 

So it would load up Group 1 which contains 5 projects.  It would show the first project and have 5 pagination options, as the user clicked the next button, it would progress through Group 1's projects until it finished, then it would start on Group 2 which contains 7 projects.  It would display the first and it would show 7 pagination options...  Does that make sense?

Thanks for any help or direction you can provide.  I am using Jquery and am open to any of the available carousels.

Re: paginating carousel, that loops through groups and projects

Ok so I am learning slow but trying here.  A friend who provides a little guidance here and there is helping me without answering my questions all the way. 

His recommendation is load the first group into the Carousel, which would be easy with a simple loop.  Then he recomended using AJAX to call the next group at the end of the first group.

Using respond_to do |format|

I am just not super clear on using AJAX for something like this.  Can anyone point me in a good direction to learn more about this?



Re: paginating carousel, that loops through groups and projects

Ok still trying here. 

I have a couple groups setup, and each group has a couple projects.  I also have a carousel setup that paginates fine.

I am trying to setup using link_to_remote  here is what I have so far:

#Group#show View
<div id="mygallery" class="stepcarousel">
    <div class="belt">
        <%= render :partial => 'group_projects'%>
<p><%= link_to_remote "Goto Next Project Group", 
    :url => {:controller => "groups", :action => "next_project_group"}

#Groups Controller Action
def next_project_group
    render :layout => false
    respond_to do |format|

#_next_project_group partial
page.insert_html :bottom, :belt, :partial => 'group_projects'

The thing I have to figure out is how to have it load the next Group by ID.  So if I am group_id 1, it would render the projects for group_id 2.

I am sure its something simple in my AJAX page.insert_html thats wrong... anyone?


Re: paginating carousel, that loops through groups and projects

I have a problem with printing ajax appropriately. So i've got a question: should only the visible part of the content be printed or should the content be allowed to  expand and take up more room than it does on the screen?

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