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Can anybody recommend cheap web hosting for my site?

It's an application where users post contents and images and view them. They don't post often, only when creating and changing the profile, although it allows max 100 images total per user (but usually it would be much less). I reckon it would be about 2-5 Mb storage per user, images and indexes, and I will need to upgrade to a better hosting plan once I get more users. I don't want to get into an expensive plan right now because the users for now will be only my friends. I optimized the application as much as possible but the bottleneck where it might become slow is uploading images.

I will need ImageScience and Ultrasphinx installed. The application uses caching in the file system, but if memcached is available it would be great.

I was considering, but some reviews say it's slow. Does anybody know how slow it is?

Thanks beforehand.

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I have been using hostgator to host my rails apps for almost a year now and have been happy with their shared hosting operations. The support is good (if not great). They have live chat 24/7, so if I need a gem installed I just shoot them an email or hit them up via a chat and 99% of the time they can resolve any issues I have relatively quickly.

If you aren't hosting something that doesn't require a ton of CPU and memory then HostGator is a great choice, and you can't beat their prices (for what you get).
If anyone needs help with HG, I can try and help you out. I have setup maybe a dozen RoR applications in the HG environment and currently have a few running.

If you are going to purchase some HG services I would appreciate if you use my affiliate account linked below. … d=jmesser9


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Rails Playground are dedicated Rails host.
24/7 live technical support from people who understand Rails
Extremely affordable.
Shared hosting from 5 US$ p/month that will easily cope with multiple sites.
Even the basic option comes with a free sourcerepo account for one project which is totally.
Sourcerepo allows a sourcecontrol repository supporting Git, Subversion and others. and includes a 1 click installation of Redmine which is totally ace as a project management tool.
Full SSH access and the guys will even help you write your capistrano recipes.

Been with them for 16 months and not an ounce of downtime or outage. After trying other hosts less rails orientated I wouldn't consider anyone else.
Just a shame they don't do cloud hosting yet.

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Well, I already went with and happy about it.

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Go here is the meeting point of all these web hosting companies and see their customer reviews with offering services .