Topic: Any Paid support for RoR?

Hi everyone,

I am having quite a bit experience on RoR. There are lots of forums, blogs, articles, sites that guide to get familiar with RoR and sort out problems faced by RoR lovers smile smile. Its really great.

But still I would like to know "Is there any PAID SUPPORT for RoR" who can provide support on your existing application and guide you on the development, deployment, installation of the application on various platforms and help u optimize the code and its performance.

Re: Any Paid support for RoR?

Hi Ritesh,

I know of but have never used their services.


Re: Any Paid support for RoR?

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your prompt reply, will definitely have a look at it and try to get in touch with them.


Re: Any Paid support for RoR? is another - .

Full disclosure - one of the partners is my husband, so I don't have a completely unvested interest. All 3 partners are core committers to Rails and well-known in the industry.