Topic: Images Not Loading... sometimes

I am a complete newb to Rails (and Ruby for that matter), and I have been trying to get a database set up using my existing website as the template.  My problem is this:  the index.html loads showing all the entries in my database and the images appear just find, if I click a single entry in the displayed list, the "show" action is also fine, but the problems start when I then click the "edit" link on the "show" page.  WHAM!  No images appear, just the data, and BTW I also loose the stylesheet settings at this same time.   My stylesheet is in the "stylesheets" folder inside "public" and my images are in a folder named "images" also inside public.

I don't get it?  Why does it work at one "level" but when I drill down one more all the paths to images and stylesheets "break"???

PLEASE HELP... and speak s--l--o--w--l--y and use small words wink


Re: Images Not Loading... sometimes

Okay... I think I figured out how to fix the stylesheet, I found ref to using a "helper" (the <% stylesheet_link_tag... %> ) and I am now looking for an equivalent for images... I hope that is all it is...?!

Stay tuned... I am!  smile

Re: Images Not Loading... sometimes

As most of you are already well aware... that IS all that it was!  I have read to "beginner's" books on Rails, why didn't they mention these "helper's", huh?

Anyway, for anyone who may search the forum and find this, here it is:

<%= stylesheet_link_tag 'styleSheetNameHere' %>        NOTE - NO .CSS on the end
<%= image_tag 'image.jpg' %>      NOTE - there IS a file extension on the image tag!

Hope this helps other noobs!