Topic: Resources for better testing?

Hi.  I've been a RoR programmer now for a while and would like to get better at testing in such areas as knowing what to test, how to test and figuring out if I've done enough. 

Does anyone have any books or resources that they've used that have been helpful?  Do most people go with a testing framework such as rspec?


Re: Resources for better testing?


The best introducing book about testing in Rails was Rails Prescriptions by Noel Rappin ( but unfortunately it looks unavailable now, don't know why...

You can start with and then have a look at the Testing chapter of Agile Web Development With Rails and the rSpec book.

I would suggest to start learning the Rails testing framework before switching to another framework like rSpec.

Re: Resources for better testing?

Thanks for your guidance.  I've been working with the Rails test framework through my projects.  Sorry for not pointing that out earlier.  I'm looking more towards getting beyond the "basics" of testing in the areas previously mentioned. But then I am also wondering if I should look at another framework or if the Rails framework is "good enough".

Re: Resources for better testing?

I suppose the Rails test framework is technically good enough. Do you know/pratice BDD? If not, you might be interested by the rSpec book (even without using rSpec) which nicely introduces this way of developing application.

You might also want to study the tests of some open source Rails applications and of the Rails framework code itself to learn more "how" to test.