Topic: Browser based rails console?


Does anyone know of a Browser based Rails console?

I'd like to open up an admin password protected console to my production server to query it and debug issues.  It seems like it could be done, though a bit of an effort for a relative newbie like me.

The way I was thinking of doing it was to create a controller in my application to manage it (say ajax_debugger).  When the user creates a debug session, a new thread is created to maintain the console state and it is tied to the user's session.  When the user issues a command, an ajax handler sends the command as a query, the controller forwards it to the console thread and the thread output is forwarded to the ajax handler.  The ajax handler prepends it to a div just below the command line.  The thread is closed when the user's session ends (timeout or logout).

I did come across a few just now (where were these in my past searches!?).  Does anyone have any experience with them?

Kawaii: has one, though I'm not sure if it is home grown or if they leveraged an app out there.

Re: Browser based rails console?

Can you not use SSH? I find that a much more powerful way of achieving such things. If you need to quickly change a file, or access script/console.