Topic: Options for a message forum


I'm thinking about adding a message forum for my existing site. After reading the API docs it seems that my main option is acts_as_tree.

To put things in perspective my site is modelled around war gaming, so I would like my forum to look like:

   - game name
      - official scenarios
          - scenario name
              - post 1
              - post 2, etc.
      - variant scenarios

In my mind the above is modelled as:

Battles = category
game name = topic
official scenarios = sub topic
scenario name = sub sub topic

My question(s) are:

1. Should I use something already pre-defined, eg Beast, Rforum
2. Should I grow my own code - based on acts_as_tree
2.1 are there there any viable alternatives/plugins to acts_as_tree

Thanks in advance,


Re: Options for a message forum

I don't think beast supports subcategories/subforums like this. However, you may want to just grab Beast and customize it to your liking. It is a well designed forum engine.

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